Settlers’ children

Children usually had no say at all about their family becoming pioneers. They left behind their friends and any comforts they’d had in their daily lives, and they took on hardships, grinding chores, and responsibility like they’d never known before. Some children or youngsters embraced the change; it was invigorating, an adventure, and they could… Read More

Settlers’ fare

Settlers were the epitome of self-sufficiency, at least when they first arrived until a community was established. Therefore what they ate was very much dependent on the locality and the season, their ingenuity, and their farming efforts. Certain staples came with them on the journey and would be replenished as soon as possible. These included… Read More

Building a settler’s home

After months sleeping in or beside a covered wagon, settlers could hardly wait to build a new, permanent home. They usually chose a location where there was plenty of timber and built a log cabin, although in the lack of this they used sod, which involved altogether different skills. A settler’s log cabin was definitely… Read More