Quanah, last chief of the Comanche

Quanah, born in 1845,¬†was the eldest son of Cynthia Ann Parker, the girl who was kidnapped and brought up by the Comanche and who married the chieftain Peta Nocona. Quanah means ‘fragrant’. There is no doubt that Quanah was a great man, and above all a man who knew how to move with the times.… Read More

The story of Cynthia Ann Parker

Cynthia was a little girl living with her extended family in a settlement fortified against Comanche raids, later called Fort Parker. On May 19th 1836 when she was 10 or thereabouts, the settlement was attacked by Comanche, Kiowa and Kichai Indians, taking the settlers completely unawares. Her grandfather, John Parker, had negotiated treaties with Indians… Read More