History: Newspaper archives – humour as a window into a day and age

The use of humour is a most insightful way of assessing the attitudes of a particular location and era because we choose to laugh at things which we find difficult to make sense of or which we are unable to verbalise in another way. We express our frustrations, defuse our anger, moderate our successes, and… Read More

History: Newspaper archives – education

Education in the ‘Wild West’ usually conjures up an image of a packed classroom with mixed ages and genders, struggling their way through rather basic arithmetic or spelling. The reality is that it wasn’t all like that – sometimes the education was definitely advanced, and not just for boys, either. Here is an actual advert… Read More

Prairie fire

Fire plays a necessary role in the natural cycle of prairie ecology by removing the mass of dead matter which impedes the growth of the young grass. Controlled fires are still used to do the job, but in the days of the first settlers uncontrolled wildfires could sweep across the prairies threatening all in their… Read More