Samuel Morse and the electric telegraph

“Greetings and thanks to the Telegraph fraternity throughout the world. Glory to God in the highest, on Earth Peace, Goodwill to Men.” And with these words Samuel Morse, the man whose name is inextricably linked with the invention of the electric telegraph, signed off his final message to the American people. A battery of carefully… Read More

The Kickapoo Indian Medicine Company

In the autumn of 1879 residents of Boston arriving at the central railway station were greeted by a novel spectacle. A gentleman flamboyantly dressed in tuxedo, high silk hat and clothing that shimmered, was lecturing to an audience seated in front of him. Suddenly the air was shattered by the bloodcurdling whoops of Indian war… Read More

Camels in the Old West

In 1891 two thirsty gold prospectors, Shep Searcy and Charlie Fisher, were drinking from a muddy puddle on the western fringes of Death Valley, California. A sixth sense alerted the pair to the fact that they had company. Glancing up, they were transfixed by a sight neither would ever forget. There, silhouetted against the night… Read More

The frontier trading post

Trading posts were establishments, usually found at key places on trade routes, where goods were both bought and sold. What was most commonly bought by the posts was a valuable commodity yielded in abundance by the rough country of the frontiers: furs of various animals which had been either hunted or trapped. What was bought… Read More