Will wolves return to Texas?

There used to be several subspecies of the grey wolf in Texas and now, to all intents and purposes, there are no wolves at all. They were driven out over the course of the twentieth century, the Mexican wolf practically becoming extinct and the red wolf often being reduced to interbreeding with coyotes. Their systematic… Read More

Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed is an American legend. Some of the popular ideas which surround him, created as they were by stories, cartoons and films, are not accurate. However he was genuinely admirable, and he introduced the cultivation of apples to many states even, it is thought, as far south as Texas. His real name was John… Read More

Wild flowers of Texas

Texas is renowned for its colourful wild flowers which often occur in huge spreads and are the subject of ‘sightings’, when people come from far and wide to view the short-lived splendour. Natural prairies were always full of wild flowers, blooming among the grasses. Here is a small selection of some of the brightest and… Read More

Bluebonnet, State Flower of Texas

  The bluebonnet creates one of the most beautiful and iconic spectacles of Texas. It’s a biennial leguminous plant with bright blue (and also white or pink) pea-like flowers which make a splash of colour across grasslands and along road verges in April and early May around Ennis, in the Blackland Prairie and in similar… Read More

Blood out of a stone and water out of a cactus

It would appear to be something of a myth that it’s possible to get potable water out of a cactus, despite old cowboy movies. The reason behind this is that succulents use a different kind of photosynthesis from normal green plants. Succulents’ photosynthesis is called CAM which stands for Crassulacean Acid Metabolism. While other plants… Read More