Samuel Morse and the electric telegraph

“Greetings and thanks to the Telegraph fraternity throughout the world. Glory to God in the highest, on Earth Peace, Goodwill to Men.” And with these words Samuel Morse, the man whose name is inextricably linked with the invention of the electric telegraph, signed off his final message to the American people. A battery of carefully… Read More

The round-up

Before the introduction of barbed wire in the late 1870’s and early 1880’s, ranchers would allow their steers to range freely, grazing as the mood took them and mingling with beasts from other ranches. While rustling – the act of actually taking another man’s cattle – was treated severely, there was a very relaxed attitude… Read More

Texas Fever

Texas longhorn are descendants of the first cattle in the Americas which were brought over from Europe by Christopher Columbus and the Spanish Conquistadors in the fifteenth century. Over the intervening centuries, they became extremely well adapted to their environment and their hardiness included resistance to a scourge which, among other names, was called the… Read More