Hi, I’m Lachlan Hazelton and I’ve a real passion for movies and writing, the first began at the age of four. The second started a little later, when Mum gave me an old Royal portable typewriter. Writing about anything and everything became a way of life but, best of all, I love westerns – I’m fascinated by them.

Blame my Dad – he introduced me to the genre when I was just a boy and it stuck.

Today I’m lucky enough to be a writer and, among other things, I’m working on a series called ‘The Trail To Abilene’. Researching my books has brought home just how massive some of the challenges the pioneers (not just the settlers but also the ranchers and their famous cowboys) must have faced. This blog which is principally about the Texas to Abilene trails (such as the Chisholm) is dedicated to the people who made The West great, who saw the ‘big picture’, and who must have been truly made of iron.